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Beer and fairy-tales in Copenhagen.

The UNESCO bit of Copenhagen, wooden houses line the harbour.

The UNESCO bit of Copenhagen, wooden houses line the harbour.

They are a strange lot, the Danes. In the top 5 in happiness surveys in every poll taken in the last 20 years, only superseded occasionally by its other Scandinavian neighbours as the happiest people in Europe. Why, to me is a complete mystery. They’ve  lost their ‘Empire’, they have the highest tax rate in Europe, somewhere between 52-78% at source and imagine paying an extra 180% tax on a new car!, the national health service creaks and moans just like the UK’s, the welfare system is so generous, people used to stay on it for 11 years without being questioned, until they changed the rules recently to 2 years. its estimated that the welfare system in dragging the country down so hard, that if it were to be stopped tomorrow, the tax rate could be dropped by 30%. Before the last election, the current government informed the electorate by manifesto that taxes would need to rise, again, the opposing party promised to lower taxes and only received 4% of the vote. The weather is ‘Changeable’ to say the least, they have the highest rate of cancer & diabetes in Europe, all this burden is borne by 4.5 million people and they are still some of the happiest people in Europe, if not the world. There’s got to be something in the water.

Getting on another ferry.

Getting off the ferry and onto Jutland.

Copenhagen: We took the ferry from Ebeltoft to Odde £88 one way, took about an hour and we were on Zealand heading east for Copenhagen. We took a parking spot straight from Europe by Camper, (n55.66527 e12.52946 – thanks guys) outside the old Carlsberg factory, about 2 miles outside the centre of Copenhagen, a pleasant enough half hour walk into town through city streets, at least it’s stopped raining!

Carlsberg tourist bus anyone?

Carlsberg tourist cart anyone?

Model Hans Christian Anderson

Model Hans Christian Anderson.

On one side of the main square is the Hans Christian Anderson Fairy-Tale House, Angie loved it…me…er…next! The walk from the city down the river front to the statue of ‘the little mermaid’ was a little farther than we suspected and once there, the area was heaving with coach-loads of tourists, but we waited for the right moment & got a slot, I thought it would have been bigger!

Is that it?

Is that it? Well, I guess it is called the ‘little’ Mermaid.

Feet were aching on the way back, so we got chilled with a drink at one of the numerous bar/cafe that line the route (£12 for a pint and a half…kerr-ching!…Ouch). We would have gone into the Tivoli gardens and rides, but at £14 each, then you pay for each ride on top of that, it was a little out our budget.

Altogether a long, but rewarding walk around the city, but after the long walk we weren’t looking forward to the walk back to the Charliebus. Heading back towards Tourist information Angie spotted the Carlsburg Tourist Bus parked outside, (the terminus is aprox 50m from Charliebus!) quick check with the driver that we can get on and we both got a free ride back, nice one Carlsberg! Probably the best bus ride we’ve ever had…probably!

Have a good weekend all…Wayne X