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Chillin’ out in Oggau, Austria

Camp sites are for laundry

Camp sites are for laundry

Two of the lucky few are resting their feet, after beating the streets of Vienna for the best part of the last two days. And they’re huge streets to beat, whoppers in fact! Haggling with the Viennese equivalent of ‘The Tube’, I love playing ‘the human mole game’, in any city, but to play it in the down-town streets of the capital of Austria, just wow…great!

But before I get onto Vienna, I need confess, we have been lazing about, 4 days of R&R, loafing with intent to do nowt for a bit. The sun was out in full glory and we have been hiding up at Oggau Camping, an ACSI superb campsite by the lake Neusiedl, protected by the every present and so special umbrella of UNESCO. Just down the road, the quaint little town of ‘Rust’ and a little farther on, the Hungarian border.


Lake Neusiedl. Hungary border at the bottom running through the bottom of the lake.

From the triple junction of the Slovak-Hungarian-Austrian border, (as per our previous post) our next destination was just a stones throw into Austria. The little town of Oggau is so close to the Hungarian border we were receiving several text messages per day. Bleep one… ‘Welcome to Hungary’, closely followed by bleep two…‘Welcome to Austria’, Hungary would soon disagree, then attempt to annul the previous hostile message, an electronic tennis text-match ensued .Text messages would ping-pong between the two great countries, undecided as to the exact co-ordinates our two phones. Eventually Hungary conceded. Then fell silent. Beaten into submission and winner of the an 18p p/min + 50p p/Mb battle.

Once we’d figured which countries network we weren’t going to use, (because our Toggle sim deal is not very user friendly here) it was time to engage the new country ritual: Let’s find a Lidl.’ But for once, Lidl wasn’t our first port of call. We are now in Austria and we intend to use the motorways, so we are going to need a Vignette. A ‘buy once’ motorway toll that does away with all those booths and all that queuing on the motorway for all vehicles under 3.5t. So the first fuel station we come across, in I pop in and I’m relieved of €8.80, which covers any vehicle  below 3.5t for 10 days. Legally free to blast up and down any Austrian motorway we felt like for the next 10 whole days. Then comes the shopping, it ended up being an Aldi (Hofer here) then comes the campsite.

That's an Aldi..!

Hofer?…That’s an Aldi..!

Once we are all settled on the campsite and the washing was hanging from every possible space, full sunshine pushing 28°, it seemed a great opportunity to unload Frankie and go for a blast around the lake. We scooted down to Rust, and then along to the Hungarian border. Amazingly the two Hungarian border guards, who looked sooo bored out of their wits, gestured us to carry on down the road into Hungary,… on a moped…err…no ta, thanks all the same. That’s about as far we wanted to go on a Sunday afternoon punt, so we about-faced and headed home, but days like this were just made for scooting about on a Honda C90. This whole area is covered in grape vines, as far as the eye can see. Vineyards every 100 metres attempt to flog you wine by placing their produce (empty bottles mind) on wine barrel tables in front of their buildings. The whole area is simplistically stunning and perfect for bike rides and a few days R&R.

Once we’d had enough lazing about in the sun and planned what we were going to do in Vienna, it was time to move off towards Vienna. Driving in Austria is pure bliss. Open traffic free smooth roads. Even the road repairs on the motorway seem to have no adverse effect on the traffic flow.

Rust market square.

Rust market square.

I will get onto Vienna next, but I wanted to give it it’s own page. I’ve also got another problem, my Halifax clarity card,  the card we use for just about everything, is no longer working, that’s all I need.

Hope the week passes quickly.

Kindest, Wayne X