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Project time again…

Charlie’s had a weekend out of his lock-up site & the fridge has suddenly decided to stop working on gas. I had a bit of a poke at it, but decided to let the experts fix it properly, as the freezer section will prove to be vital to us ‘on tour’. So Russell of Broadland Caravan services took a look at it for us & promptly pronounced the ‘Main PCB & igniter/thermocouple…deceased. Parts on order, should be good as new by next week end.

So on with the next project…

I have never been 100% happy with only having 1 garage door, OK, it’s a big door & it’s on the same side as the Hab door, which is on the near-side on ‘The Continent’, but it’s still a pain in the rear crawling over the garage floor on your knees to retrieve stuff from the opposite side. So after hassling several Burstner agents, most of which didn’t want to know, others simply ignored emails & never responded to messages because they don’t even answer the phone for less than £10K, a door was found, thanks to  Colin at southdownsmotorcaravans  .It wasn’t from the Burstner Nexxo range, but the newer range, we guessed the colours would be the same. After 3 weeks of waiting for delivery a 800 x 855 door ‘kit’ arrived & it looked perfect, thanks to Colin, so all I,ve got to do is fit it…..Mmmm!.. who’s idea was it to go drilling huge holes in a very expensive Motorhome?

Just put there...without wrecking Charlie

Just put that…in there…without wrecking Charlie

Sounds easy, but I must have measured the door aperture 5 times, better safe than sorry.

Mark it out ‘Just where I want it….’

Mmmm, the bottom Valance thingy is in the way, not to worry, there's always a solution...

Mmmm, the bottom Valance thingy is in the way, not to worry, there’s always a solution…

Who needs a lectric Jigsaw?… it’s only 35mm of aluminum  polystyrene & hardboard….

Caerful now...

Careful now…(the little hole is a marker I made from the inside)


Let's hope I got the size correct, 'cos that's a big hole to hide.

Let’s hope I got the size correct, ‘cos that’s a big hole to hide.

that made a hole in it!

that made a hole in it!

The moment of truth….

It fits perfectly!! Phew.

It fits perfectly!! Phew.

So once it’s all glued in, insert the ‘code matched’ lock barrels, inner trim finished off, open retainer fitted, I’m very happy with it.

Garage door,, all done.

Garage door,, all done.



I can finally get into both sides of the garage.

Project cost £800 + 5 hours.