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Rain Rain & More rain..

Day 14 : Sunday 20/9/15 : 1,241 miles @ n44.7177, 0.330903

(I know I’m a few days behind, will catch up, promise)
Well, … forget Vanne, the weather forecast is predicting squall & storm so we decided to push on south a bit. We had just pulled into an Aire at Celle-sur-Belle, when a French bloke reversed his trailer full of wood into Charlie’s front off-side quarter.


To be fair to the bloke didn’t argue to avoid blame, he did apologise & I called his insurance company who informed me that in France, the driver has an incident form in the car, we both fill in with details of the accident so we both agree & get a copy of. As I was stationary & he was reversing, it seems there should be no questions of blame, we will see, but at the moment, Charlie has a scuffed nose. On the subject of Charlie, but not wanting to go too anorak, I worked out the MPG over the last 500 miles to be 28 mpg, the trip meter reads 30.1 mpg, so not too bad. At least 70% of those miles would have been at 60 mph returning >30mpg on the dual carriageway/motorway, some of the other miles would have been in second gear returning <10mpg slogging up a 15% gradient in the back street vineyards around Bergerac. All together better than I expected for 3.5t. Just while I think of this, if you are thinking of doing some touring, the <3.5t sign is very common over here. From hills, housing estates to bridges, you tend to lose out if you are over 3.5t, …just a thought.






Church bells, Cockerels & baguettes

Three things you will never escape in France. Well, you may escape the cockerels in Paris, live ones at least! Don’t park up next to a church, you will be woken
at 8 am. If you manage to dodge a church, then they send out the biologicals,… cock-a-doodle-bloody-dooooo ! ! Now don’t get me wrong, I am normally an early
riser, but anybody who’s been in a van or caravan will tell you, when it rains hard in the night, you will be awake! It’s so loud! As we’ve recently had seven shades
of precipitation every night, we are both awake at some point, so a bit of a lay-in would be nice…so please….. SHHhhhhh!!!
Are we the only people in France not to be obsessed with baguettes? The Frenchies will walk miles for one, they get in their cars & drive down to the next village for them! When they come back, you see them on the campsite comparing baguettes by having a little sniff & a squeeze. I was in the campsite shop and the French bloke in front of me bought 9 sticks. That’s 10 euro on bread and that’s before he’s put anything in it! Every where you go you see them clutching onto a stick of bread, in the supermarket they have nibbled into it before the get round to the tills, they seem to be obsessed. Maybe the French equivalent is “the best thing since un-sliced baguette”.

After hours of driving, heading south east, we end up at a 4 *campsite, Biscarrosse, the weather forecast looks to be improving so we can hope to get the chairs out for the first time & do a spot of R & R. There’s a couple of inland lakes that look nice to cycle around.

One sunny afternoon

One sunny afternoon

Have a nice weekend, Wayne X