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The Mesquita of Cordoba

Angie sits in the recliner in the late afternoon sun reading a travel guide. I just popped inside to add another episode of ‘Citizen Khan’ to the TV down-loader program (ahem…”they all know me!!’).

A-“do you know what’s in Cordoba?”

W-“no, what?”

A-“an ancient Arab Mosque from 8thC, preserved & restored and it’s only E8 to get in”

W-“is that the one with all the arches?”

A-“Yeah…looks nice”

W-“we’d be going back on ourselves, but there’s a natural drop back down into Torremolinos”

A-“I liked Torremolinos”

W-“Mmmmm, well it’s only about 80km!…do ya want to go in the morning? Ill start up Autoroute, and see where we can wild it”

That’s it, that’s as complicated as it gets.

Back in 785 ad, the Romans had gone from Spain, and the Arabs were in charge of the whole Spanish/Portugese peninsular. Spain was Muslim, they’d all come over from Africa and filled this “power gap”, building  Mosques all over the place, sometimes tearing down Roman buildings for the materials. In this case, 850 columns of granite, jasper and marble were left laying around from the Roman era, so Abd al Rahman 1 thought he’d put em to good use. Within a couple of years a fantastic mosque was built, The Mezquita. With it’s polished marble floors and columns, the thick lattice-work doors and windows, it could be 40 degrees outside, but I’ll bet it never gets above 25 in here. The place is remarkably well restored, there’s no wonder UNESCO have listed it. Over the years, the different rulers & religions have added bits to it. Unbelievably, in the 16thC, part of it was destroyed to make way for a Cathedral (Destroyed!! let’s not go back there), the detail and workmanship are breath-taking and we spent at least 2 hours just wandering around the arches. The impressive bridge leading to it was originally built by the Romans.IMG_1184

The pictures will not really do the place any justice, again. It’s somewhere you’ve got to be there to appreciate it.

Underneath the arches

Underneath the arches









We didn’t really have time to do any more of Cordoba, as we couldn’t find a comfortable ‘wild spot’ we opted for the only Campsite close to Cordoba at E27 pn, and we didn’t want to pay that again, so we headed off towards Torremolinos with a free pit-stop in Archidona.


And finally…Is nothing right?

Merry Chistmas X Wayne & Angie