Itchy feet…More musings.

I’m going to have to stop reading other people’s travel blogs, the envy is getting me down, it’s not their fault, I know, but all the same, it’s almost painful. At the moment I read just 3 (live) travel blogs, all top quality. Our Bumble Craig, Joanne and 2 dogs- “Mac ‘n Tosh”, in their Hymer B590 aka’ “Vin Diesel”, currently in Denmark with the philosophy of ‘Life’s too short, get on with doing what you want to do’. Next- Eurotouring a couple of (smart) twenty-somethings who realised that once their careers kicked in, spare time would be a luxury, so decided to take a little travel gap, currently in northern Spain, traveling on a budget, well worth a read. Lastly, if I can have an overall favourite, it would have to be OurTour , property of Jason & Julie (and pooch Charlie) a monster of a blog by any bloggers standard. Every conceivable  relevant (and some irrelevant) topic covered, heaps of detail in every post and always a pleasure to read. Currently moving north through Slovenia toward the Baltics. If you wanted to learn how to live in a Motorhome, happily and sustainably, moving along and enjoying life, it’s a must read! I will keep up with my fave 3, I would have trouble sleeping if I didn’t know what was going on. Just a note on ‘Parked Blogs’, others I’ve enjoyed, tops is The world is our Lobster such entertaining reading from Catherine & Chris, last post Fri 26/2012, (I was in tears whilst reading it). Another good read that’s currently ‘parked-up’ Europe by Camper Adam & Sophie’s travels across Europe. Also stuffed with guides, tips and tricks to aid the Motorhoming traveller. All of the above put time, money and quite a bit of their soul into blogging, in some small part it may be ‘self-gratifying’  (I don’t actually agree that “there’s no such thing as an un-selfish act”), but mostly it’s put onto the web to help others to do a similar thing, to help & inspire others along a similar route and I (for one) am eternally grateful to all of the people involved in sharing the knowledge.IMG_1310

Anyway, all this talk of travelling doesn’t help my itchy feet. It’s Friday evening, the weekend is upon us, the weather forecast is good-to-great & I’ve booked us into a little spot in Hoveton/Wroxham. Boats, walks, Shops, pubs, chippy’s & tourists. Sounds like a good weekend. If you are getting away in the nice weather, while it lasts, hope you enjoy yours.

It feels like 52 weeks!

It feels like 52 weeks!

Wayne X

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  1. Chris/Belgian Beauty ( = our motorhome, not me;-)))

    Well, I read all those blogs too and … yours of course! Also a great blog with lots of info and a very great read. I enjoy it enormously. Loved your Morocco trip, but we are not as courageous as you are, I am afraid. Anyway we do not have all that time either since still working … But we were just off for 10 days into beautiful France and will cross the Channel soon to tour Devon and Cornwall! Any tips on nice and cheap places to stay are welcome.

  2. Wayne Post author

    Sure Chris, I think I can help a little: we have had many years of holidays in Cornwall, but never taken a camper, so places to stay I have no idea on. But the best beach we have ever been on anywhere to date, is Crantock, Cornwall. When we found it, 30 years ago it was very exclusive, nobody knew of it, but now I just read it was voted ‘BBC best beach 2013, so it’s popularity may have increased. There is a large car park (National Trust) at the end of a narrow(ish) lane just after the village of Crantock, not too far from Newquay. I did a bit of digging on the web, but can’t find out if you are alowed to stay overnight. Two website to check:-
    n50.406173 w-5.113054

    Also I would recomend don’t miss:-
    St Ives n50.20938 w-5.48833 lovely little town. Theres a park ‘n ride at the top of town.
    Falmouth n50.1532 w-5.0676 rent a boat for the day…it’s great fun or take a ferry to St.Mawes
    The Eden Project is also a site we go to every time we are in Cornwall, if it’s your ‘kind of thing’

    Hope it helps, have a good holiday.


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