Thank you.

As well as the afore-mentioned parents, who’s help will always be sought, given & valued, there are certain other people in your life that go in a box marked “If it weren’t for you”. Of course the “if it weren’t for you” box could contain all the negative things in your life, or, it could contain all the positive things & people. As I’m not one to bear a grudge  (for long) the only box marked “if it weren’t for you” I have is a box full of people & actions that matter. I just hope I matter to them, as much as they matter to me. It’s those people, the “if it weren’t for you” people, that I’m writing this blog to. So it may seem like I’m really lucky to be jacking in work for a bit & jollying off around Europe just for our own personal gratification, ho no! You have it all wrong. It’s all for YOU. What’s more, YOU helped us do it! If it weren’t for YOU ..yes YOU, none of this would have happened. So this is the post to those people out there, you know who you are, who have helped us in any way at all realise this dream.



4 thoughts on “Thank you.

  1. Lee cheeseman

    That’s alright mate… If it weren’t for u n your bucket with a hole, I’d have not pissed off to India, climbed Kilimanjaro, gone to Morocco, probably I wouldn’t have been on these Eco build courses (another one this week too) and then to Scotland straight after to climb tower ridge… Works for burks…..


    You didn’t mean me?

    1. John & sheila

      Hi Wayne & Angie
      I have just caught up with all your blogs on this web site. I did not see the links to the motor home etc.
      you have got it all sorted by the looks of it. We love your motor home. There are lots of them traveling around Australia.
      Will you be staying in caravan parks or free parking.
      Good luck on your adventure.
      Love john & sheila

      1. Wayne Post author

        Hi J&S, nice you found your way around. Thanks, we love Charlie too. We hope to be 50/50 when it comes to Wild Vs Campsite or even 33/33/33 – wild/aire/campsite respectivley may be more realistic but I think it may depend on where you are & which country your in. First night out (unplanned/mis-planned) we slept net to a busy ‘A’ road with lorries hurtiling by every half an hour, so if we can sleep through that…no probs anywhere, secret weapon – wine & earplugs.
        We are following you on your journey & enjoy reading your posts, looks like a hoot, don’t stop there! 🙂

    2. Wayne Post author

      Hey Cheese….Its nice to know that influence is a two way street. ‘People’ rub off on me, I can’t help it, it’s normal I think. We try to see the very best in the people we meet & absorb a little bit of it, be more like the person we want to be & less like the person we don’t. It doesn’t always work, we all have bad moments, bad days even bad weeks. How’d the song go…”you can’t always get what you want…..”


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