Thank Crunchie it’s Friday !— Who ordered a Pizza?

For those out there that have been living on Mars since Honda started making the “Crunchie”, it’s not only chocolate bar by Cadbury, but also one of the most ‘bullet-proof’ moped’s on the planet. (Is it just me that thinks the word Moped should be written mo-ped? ) Anyway, the little 4 stroke fun machine even has it’s list of fan clubs all around the world, here’s the UK one. Some of these nutters go across Asia on them! Mountains, rivers snow, mud, it will cope with most hindrances.

The Crunchie (C50/70 & 90) is ‘World famous’. It’s claimed “More people use a Honda C90 for transport each day, than any vehicle in the world”, …some claim. But then, when you take a random photo of a busy market square in Marrakesh, I counted 30 Crunchies in one shot! Couple this with the fact that it’s one of the lightest 2 seater out there at 80kgs inc. a full tank, will do 75 mpg (50 mpg with 2 on and a few hills to climb) top speed of 50 mph & less than fiver to fill it, it’s hardly surprising it’s so popular. Here in the west, style has overtaken sense as more & more of those 2 stroke noisey, smelly, plastic hair-dryers are used.

Just one more statistic I found, “In 2010, Honda announced that they’d passed the 60 million units mark in production. That’s around £50 billion quid’s worth of C90s sold since its creation. (If only Honda were a Greek firm, not Japanese)

Read more:–ever/9854-7.html#ixzz3fo65UwIa

The Crunchie was the first ever motorised bike I got on, thanks to my mate Dave Hughes & his enormous back garden. Hours of fun erecting ramps & thrashing round & around his back garden on his panel-less blue C90, great fun Dave, thanks a billion.

So here he is (drum roll in the background)…..

Frankie in his Sunday best

Frankie in his Sunday best

He was a little bit neglected when he first arrived with us, but a bit of TLC, new Exhaust, seat cover/chain/drive & final sprocket/battery & a few bits ‘n’ bobs & he sailed through the MOT. A reasonable £120 for Europe-wide insurance + £17 road fund licence and it’s a goer!

He fits nicely onto the scooter rack, just need to sort out lashing him down. I think the white fairing will need to go, which would be a shame, but it would be easier to fix him to the rack with it gone.

Adapted scooter/cycle rack

Adapted scooter/cycle rack for Frankie + 2 bikes.

Two's up!

Two’s up!

Well it’s a lovely sunny afternoon so instead of taking the car we have a pootle round Norwich on Frankie & end up in ‘Real ale mecca pub’ The Fat Cat  for a swift half.

If only I could get one on the back!

If only I could get one on the back!


2 thoughts on “Thank Crunchie it’s Friday !— Who ordered a Pizza?

  1. Lee Cheeseman

    80kg…. That’s good!!! With maybe 3 chars lined up and tied together for safety, you could bench press the Honda C90 quite easily. I like your style mate… Utilising everything for many different jobs will defiantly cut down the amount of STUFF you need to carry… May I suggest that a bed pan can be used to boil potatoes, and also to store things like paper clips and bits of string and STUFF as well as for its conventional use… Love the bike…
    Great, you got ARSEBOOK

  2. john & sheila

    hi wayne and angie,
    nice little machine but its not the moped i am use to. the vespa was a moped and used in the 60,s by the mods.
    your moped is used nation wide in australia by the posties to deliver the mail. there is even a club and they go all over oz on them.
    you have done the right thing getting it as you will need it to go shopping when you forget the sugar.
    john & sheila


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