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Parked up at Sherringham June_15

Parked up at Sherringham June_15







11 thoughts on “Contact us

  1. Cathy

    Hi Wayne and Angie, just started following your blog, enjoying it too! We follow Jason and Julie of too.
    We are planning our tour for next year and can’t decide on length of van, we were planning to keep to less than 6 meters with drop down bed but I’ve been to try one and bed moves a little so it’s put me off and now thinking fixed rear bed, my question is this, any difficulties with free camping or wild camping with a longer van? Would love to know what your experience is, thanks Cathy, p.s I’ve e mailed a couple times but think I must be going into your junk mail …

    1. Wayne Post author

      Hi Cathy, great to have you on board, sorry about the email, I will check it. We love the fixed transverse rear bed and would not even think about a pull down, each to their own, but we found we didn’t have enough head room. As for the length, it’s never been a problem other than a little village in the hills of Spain. But if you do get a longer van, I would advise to try and keep it under 3.5t (3500kgs) as it has implications for all kinds of things, bridge restrictions, weight limits…all sorts of city limits etc. the length only ever comes into play when boarding ferrys. Good luck and do let us know how you got on, any more questions,,,just ask. Kindest, Wayne.

  2. Cathy

    Thank you! That’s good advice, I think we are now decided on a fixed transverse, good point on the weight, we are just researching that at the moment, pay loads etc, we plan to go in January but have loads to do in the meantime, renting the house being the main thing! Spent more hours than I care to tell on looking online at vans
    Cathy and Dave

    1. Wayne Post author

      Hi Cathy, I too spent hours looking at potential MoHo’s online. I found the problem was, UK prices were just too high. Pay load is important too, 2 people and a tank full of water can be as much as 250 kg so add that to the specifications, plus you will want a few toys,Bbq, gas, chairs etc.Good luck.

  3. Cathy

    Hi, any advice on repeat prescriptions? Doctors say can only give 2 months and can’t give supply of scripts, advice is speak to chemist? , so I’m guessing there’s a loophole that they can help with, obviously they need to be paid for but apparently some prescription tablets can be bought over the counter in Europe, if you any experience or heard of others then it would be great to know, the list is growing!

  4. Fred Chase

    Hi angie and wayne,
    just picked up your blog from the “where’s frankie” site (who we met in Pamplona last November) and have subscribed to it.
    We live in south-west France and have an Adria Coral Axess S 670SL. We travel with our two cats who love the pants off it!
    Have often thought about the Scandanavia trip but have always been put off by friends who have been telling us that it is very expensive. Would be very interested in your take on this please.

    Happy Motorhoming,

    Glenys and Fred Chase

    1. Wayne Post author

      It must be nice to live in south-west France. Welcome to our blog, great to have you on board. Norway seemed VERY expensive to us. €4 for a small loaf of fresh bread is just not in our budget. We dealt with this by free-camping as much as possible, it seems to be accepted everywhere and the meal combinations were a little diverse at times. We loaded up in Denmark with bread we could cook ourselves. Other fresh items like Salad items we bought in the supermarkets, Rimi for eg. if you are very careful, you can pick out cheaper fresh items. We were stocked up on tins, wine & beer and the freezer was packed. You could always do a bit of fishing? 😉 It generally gets cheaper as you work down Finland, but it’s still not cheap. Only once you get into Estonia can you relax. Hope that helps. Kindest…Wayne.

      1. Fred Chase

        Wayne and Angie,
        Many thanks for the reply on touring Scandanavia, some sound sense in what you say. Still enjoying your blogs, they are all stowed way for future reference along with those of Our Tour, Frankie and couple of others.
        See that you have met the lovely “older” lady in the boatyard aire in Seville. We spnt and enjoyable hour with her in our van sharing a glass or two. We also gave a few tins of baked beans as a parting gesture. Our conclusion was that she was basically a little lonely, the semi-frightening thought is that it may come to us all one day.
        We are currently wending our way down the coast of Portgal and are on a site at Zambujeira do Mar for “dhoby and sort out”. Have to be in Albufeira for the Festive season.


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