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What’s it all cost, 90 days in.

We set off 90 days ago from Norwich. Heading straight for the tunnel, with a sketchy plan, find and discover Portugal. We’d seen so little of Portugal on our last visit, we though we owed the country the respect of further investigation. This time, starting at the top and of northern Portugal, ‘The MInho’, working our way down to the south, ‘The Algarve’. We were so pleasantly surprised by the riches of the north. We’ve been up to our knees in palaces, Basilicas, Cathedrals and Portuguese history up here in the north, it’s so ‘everywhere’! Who’d want to go on a package holiday to the Algarve when you have all this history and culture up here? We’ve loved it so much …we may be back.

Over the last 90 days  our spending has been what we would call ‘ middling’, a sort of middle of the road cost. Not too expensive (let’s not focus on the cost of the replacement fridge/freezer too much) and not too cheap, so I thought I’d publish our 90 day costs… Not sure it will help others, as we all do different stuff on the road, but here goes:-

I have two or three ‘daily average numbers’ let’s have some samples:- € – ALL IN EUROS – €

The last 90 days costs.

That’s the bare-bones of it, once we’ve deducted the €2,300 for the fridge (an unusual cost which should be spread over 12 months, not 90 days), the number we like to use is €28.38 per day. That’s running costs only, food, tolls, diesel, beer, attractions, campsites, LPG, laundry, ferries, phones & internet and we’re happy with that.But cost is a little untrue, because it doesn’t include UK road fund, European insurance, or MOT costs, or service & maintenance costs for two vehicles, so  €28.38 per day is not really a true reflection, but it gives us an idea what we should be aiming at, as a daily rate ignoring the back-room costs.

So let’s get it a bit closer to real average. Now we’re going to add annual insurance and breakdown cover-£416, Annual MOT (scooter & MoHo)- £80 and Vehicle Tax- £280, Service (average) £220. Convert that to Euros & it comes out at aprox €1,100,  then the day rate goes up to €31.31 per day, a more realistic daily average. That’s about €11,500 pa. that’s if you don’t ever need to replace any broken items like fridge freezers!

You can stop reading right there if this is getting too scary, but the rabbit-hole goes deeper.

Now wer’er going to be totally brutal and add depreciation…whooowa! that’s going to kill the equation!

Realistically and conservatively, a 10 year old MoHo will have lost at least 50% of it’s new value. So a €40,000 MoHo after ten years would be worth (in today’s money… possibly) €20,000, if your lucky (ignoring inflation, which could halve the value again …and I know depreciation is ‘ramp-shaped’, but I’ve got to grab an anchor from somewhere), that comes to about €5.49 per day to add to the €31.31 and so a new average of €36.80 

With any luck you will have also invested wisely, and be able to replace your beloved home on wheels with ease. (My advice..buy Bitcoins…now!) That €40,000 Moho is now €80,000, not chump change for people who’ve been out of work for the last 10 years.

So keep your average daily spend down to €28.38  and in ten years time, if you’re  lucky, you will have spent over £102,000.00 (€114,281.50) and will now be the owner of a clapped out motorhome that’s been around the world a dozen times and is worth about ten grand.

…but your life will have been so different to nearly everybody else you know.