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A very Soggy weekend, it rained a bit too.

The Sog bog

I have been toying with an idea for several months now, trying to figure out if it adds ‘value to your life’, or it’s just a costly gadget. So when a MoHo veteran couple (plus Charlie the dog) bought a replacement MoHo to go off touring Europe (again) one of the first things they did was to fit a SOG toilet system, that sold it for me, after all, they would know wouldn’t they? They’ve been tramming around Europe for a couple of years & have met all sorts of folks with all sorts of gadgets & gizmo’s, some of which I imagine work, others not so much. I’ve been reading their blog for the thick end of 6 months & I’m still churning through it. It’s HUGE, but its very informative, very addictive & superbly entertaining, so thanks for the blog/site guys, I love it! Please keep it coming.

Now, Jason has put up a full editorial on how to fit this system, so I’m not going to try & better that, I couldn’t. But it did help me decide ‘to Sog or not to Sog’. Before this post, I was a bit apprehensive about irreversibly chopping bits out of the Thetford vane opening mechanism just to get the Sog fitting ‘thingy’ to attach to the cassette, this is the bit of the procedure that deterred me more than anything else, but it’s not so bad, the piece you remove is not too important to the strength or operation of the mechanism. So if your thinking of having a go at this, I would recommend reading & watching Jason’s editorial on it. After reading the instructions through (and Jason’s) it all went smoothly enough. But because our loo is on the same side as our canopy & sitting area, I did differ from the standard door mount installation. I wanted the expelled air (stench pipe) to go through the floor, so I could pipe it away underneath to the other side of the vehicle. But the principal is the same for all, remove and replace ‘over pressure valve’ from cassette, adapt the vane lever, pipe the new fitting to the charcoal filter & into the atmos. No chemicals, no blue hands & we hope no smells! We will see.

Sog install

Sog install


Charlie’s fridge: is still out of action, the problem’s being a little elusive, replacing the main PCB & the igniter/thermocouple has not cured it. ‘The man’ is getting onto Dometic asap.

MOT: Charlie will be 3 next week and so needs another bit of paperwork, the dreaded MOT! He’s all checked over & booked in locally, he’s also just rolled around the ‘8’ digit in the thousand column. Frankie (Thank Crunchie it’s Friday) has only just had an MOT, but he’s going to get another one too, this will keep both MOT dates tied together & sets IN STONE our return date to the UK. As full UK MOT on both vehicles to is mandatory (even if you are in Europe) to qualify your insurance. That’s some kind of ironic joke when you see some of the heaps of junk running around in France, but that’s a different rant, maybe later.

House sale: Still no moving date yet! If the Jocks can get this ‘offer to moving date’ period down to 4 weeks,…. WY CAN’T WE? (Yes, I am shouting!) It must be imminent surely? What are you all doing?, but that’s a different rant, maybe later.

Stuff: We think we’ve still got one car-boot sale in the bank. When we know a ‘move day’ accurately we can plan one in.

Rellies: We were blessed with a visit from our dear rellies from down-under – Adalaide, so I had a day off mid-week (Angie has already finnished) & we all had a great day together. Hope to catch up with you both again when you come back from Canada in late August, happy & safe travels.

John & Sheila

John & Sheila

John's pic of us.

John’s pic of us. A good day!