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Gaudy or what!?

You know that moment when something catches off your guard? When you just weren’t expecting that. Kerr-poww!!! …Av that!. Well, I had one recently and it left me jaw-open-speach-less. After about a minute, I had to consciously remind myself to breathe. I think it’s fair to say that Angie & I ‘get about a bit’, we’ve ‘seen some fantastic buildings, but I’ve never been stunned like the moment I walked through the doors & into The Sagrada Familia cathedral. I just wasn’t expecting that. The contrast, the open-ness, the minimalism, the height!.I’d never seen a picture of the inside, lots of the outside, but never the inside, so I didn’t know what to expect, but it wasn’t that! I could prattle on for several paragraphs on Antoni Gaudi and Sagrada Familia, but this is neither a history or art blog, so I’m not going to, but, just to remind myself later on, when I’m old & gray.

Dripping in detail.

Dripping in detail.

George Orwell described Sagrada Familia as “one of the most hideous buildings I have ever set eyes on”. It was originally just going to be a run-of-th-mill neo-Gothic church. The original architect ran out of money & walked off the job. In 1883 Gaudi took over & devoted the rest of his life to designing “the people’s cathedral”, until he was hit by a tram in 1926, the “Cathedral” not even half-finished 43 years later! (Imagine how the tram driver felt!…I’ve run over who?) Well the council had a decision to make & they decided to crack on with it. It’s still not done. Apparently, not one €uro of Spanish tax payers money has been spent on it, so when the donations and entry fee money run out, work stops! It really is a fantastic tribute to Gauidi’s religious beliefs & a building that should be on everyone’s ‘Bucket list’. Pre-book online, include the audio guide & allow at least 3 hours, bring binoculars! It’s an easy 30 min walk from ‘the centre’ of Bcn & the Mc D’s outside do great coffee for €1 ! (toilets & WiFi) There’s a park next door (Gaudi …not Gorky) when you can reserve your very own park bench for lunch at

Lunch in Gaudi Park....Top spot.

Lunch in Gaudi Park….Top spot.



Well, the orignal intention was to do 4 or more days in Bcn centre, but we both feel ‘pooped-out’ after all that we’ve done recently, so we had two ‘down days,’ loafing, pottering & planning, a couple of scoots out on Frankie & then we’re off into the foot-hills of Salou, for a bit of something entirely different.

And finally…
Sally the sat-nav’s tale of woe!
GPS, don’t ya just love ’em?
Little Sal, only has UK & French maps, she checked out mid Pyrenees.
Big Sal #1 “just died” 3 days before GO day.
Big Sal #2 takes 3-6 re-boots to wake up, then drifts into deep sleep at the worst possible moment.
Brian the Pion (Built-in Pioneer unit), just will not shut up, announcing every corner 5 times, he’s slow, jerky & just not in the right place.
So the budget’s just been ripped up.
May I introduce you to senorita Kathy, a Tom Tom GO 50, at €180 she’s not cheap, but seems to know where she’s going.

…..which is more than we do!

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