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Charlie’s got Gas

One thing Charlie doesn’t have is a universal gas bottle adaptor, not sure one exists. French gas fittings would be no use in Spain, nor vise versa. The problem is, each country tends to have their own type of calor/propane bottle adaptor. It would be almost impossible to carry all the different fittings for all the different countries we intend to visit. But there is an answer! LPG. Liquified Petroleum Gas, the stuff cars have been converting to since the 80’s. Clean, cheap & reasonably readily available (Not in Morocco, apparently). It will pipe straight into Charlie & feed the heating, cooker top, fridge + BBQ.

We decided to go with a company who’s been supplying gas kits of different types for a little while & were only too happy to discuss all the options on the phone, Gas it .We also decided that aprox 30 useable litres would do us between fills, so a tank & pipe work were ordered.

1x 38L 230×1015 Under-slung tank with feet. Only 80% of the tank is useable & the inbuilt auto shut-off will prevent overfill.

1x bracket assembly,

1x high pressure fill hose.

1x low pressure braided hose.

1x gas filter. 1x set of European adaptors, to fit all those different types of nozzle.

Total cost £412.00 next day delivery.























All I had to do was give the tank a coat or two of under seal & fit it, easy eh?

Well first, I’m going to attempt to do it alone (big mistake) so I fashioned up a lifting aid, to jack the tank into place whilst I bolted it in. This worked reasonably well. Next problem, as you may/not know, most MoHo’s are doubled skin floors, so you have the inner floor 30mm hard board then a gap of 70mm followed by the outer 30mm board. Problem is, the bracket needs to be mounted onto the lower floor board.

The twin board floor.

The twin board floor.












In order to bolt the gas tank to the underside of the lower floor, access to the top of the lower board will be necessary, a) to conceal the bolt tops, b) to avoid drilling through service pipes & cables, there are lots of them in this space! & C) Obviously the tanks needs bolting on securely without an air gap between the top & bottom of what would need to be very long bolts.

I was lucky that when I had removed the lowest kitchen draw, there was an exposed area of the bottom board exactly where I need it to be, the other access was through the two gas escape holes in the gas cupboard (pic above).

So with a bit of jiggery-pokery & several four letter expletives, the tank was on & piped into the (already existent) 30 millibar gas pressure regulator. I chose to mount the angled fill point adaptor within the cupboard to save drilling big chunky (irreversible) holes into the side of Charlie. The fill point is next to the diesel filler, so should be easy enough to fill together.




Photo0200 Photo0198



Job done, now for the fun part, fill up.

SEVENTEEN QUID??! For a full tank of LPG, I was grinning like a Cheshire cat, for over an hour! Just doing a quick calculation in my head, I will only need to fill it 10-12 (ish) times against the cost of Butane bottles, for the system to have ‘paid for itself’ …so to speak. But the biggest benefit is the convenience of being able to fill with LPG with relative ease in all European countries. Another bonus, I get to use the old gas cupboard for useful things like ramps, water hose & fittings, watering can & EHU cable.

So just a check over from a gas man, (fully qualified competent ACOPS, friend of a friend) ……and were all good to go.

Well, not exactly, that’s the gas sorted, next the Electric. An extra solar panel & a bigger solar controller have been ordered. I’d better charge up the cordless drill. Sorry Charlie.