Monthly Archives: May 2015


After a month and a half, we find a serious  buyer, survey done and all looks good. We have also found a very nice property at the right price not too far away from here. A semi-detached with 3 beds offer accepted, now were moving along. So many things to arrange, we don’t even have a solicitor… yet! Best get on with it or the sand’s going to start eroding beneath our feet.

Three days later…I still don’t fully appreciate how an Estate Agent justifies the exorbitant charge for the sale of a property, then they have the audacity to offer their own vastly over-priced conveyancing solicitors to top off the rip off! Laughing all the way to the bank, its a wonder they don’t own the bank, hang about,,, some of them do! All shiny shoes & smarm, cheesy smiles & empty promises, don’t believe a word of it & what does “a very usable space” actually mean? Ugh? #Bullshit.

Anyhow, the property we have found is just the job for renting out, so we will have a trickle income whilst on our travels. Solicitors appointed, surveys under way now so we will see how long this expensive extensive monkey-merry-go-round out will take, the quicker the better.

On the plus side, the big clear-out has begun. We’ve gone from gentle sorting, to ‘lets have it all out’. Angie has been hard at it, pulling stuff out of cupboards & boxing it up for “Disposal”. The “Disposal” process has several layers to it. Here’s the general gist of how to deal with ‘STUFF’….

1) Hold item (stuff) in hand & ask yourself the question. ‘Do I need this?’ if the answer is NO move to #2. If answer is YES put the item back where you found it.

2) Am I emotionally attached to it? If answer is no, move to #3). If YES put the item back where you found it.

3) Having come to the conclusion you do not intend to keep this item, next question is, do I know anyone who would want this, free or otherwise? If NO, move to #4. If Yes, ‘do I offer to sell it or give it away?’ depends what it is, either way round, item is going their way, job done!

4) STUFF- Ebay,,Gumtree,,or Carboot? Well, truth is, a mixture of all three. Large value items go via Gumtree or Ebay & all the dross will go on the car-boot, where you can get around £3 for an item that set you back £30. (Question , Will you take £2 mate?, Answer, NO! PUT THE ITEM BACK WHERE YOU FOUND IT!)

5) Collect all the ‘YES’ items & pack them into a box marked ‘Save’ & label what’s in it. ‘Stuff you need, or think you need. We will come back to this later…promise.

So we are (as you many of the readers have done before) slowly ‘disposing’ of our worldly goods, aka “Stuff”. Ornaments, pictures, kids toys from yester-year, books you intended to read, books you never intended to read, 240v adaptors from the back of the draw, old phones, hobbies from the past, the list of ‘stuff’ goes on & on & on & on. But we will get there, there is no doubt, by the same method you eat an Elephant, one mouthful at a time. The sun’s arc is getting higher, days are getting longer & there’s hope and excitement on the horizon.

What better motivation do you need?SAM_0384.jpg