Monthly Archives: June 2015

Thank you.

As well as the afore-mentioned parents, who’s help will always be sought, given & valued, there are certain other people in your life that go in a box marked “If it weren’t for you”. Of course the “if it weren’t for you” box could contain all the negative things in your life, or, it could contain all the positive things & people. As I’m not one to bear a grudge  (for long) the only box marked “if it weren’t for you” I have is a box full of people & actions that matter. I just hope I matter to them, as much as they matter to me. It’s those people, the “if it weren’t for you” people, that I’m writing this blog to. So it may seem like I’m really lucky to be jacking in work for a bit & jollying off around Europe just for our own personal gratification, ho no! You have it all wrong. It’s all for YOU. What’s more, YOU helped us do it! If it weren’t for YOU ..yes YOU, none of this would have happened. So this is the post to those people out there, you know who you are, who have helped us in any way at all realise this dream.