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On your marks….Get set….Go South!

Day 7 : Sunday 13/9/15 : 776 miles @ 47.88917, 0.03040
Charlie is: currently parked up in at a beautiful Aire in La Suze-sur-Sarthe, Brittany . It’s tipping it down & there’s no free WiFi to be had.
Time to re-cap on what’s been happening in the last week. A couple of ‘spare days’ (aka ‘the last weekend in Blighty’) consisted of going through the garage boxes & chopping out everything we don’t need, a couple of real ale pints sunk, hugs ‘n kisses, tears & bye-byes & ‘the last supper eaten, on with the show….


Mon. 7/9/15 Day 1, following my dental appointment & a couple of local errands, we jump on the A11 South. I spotted a little wild spot in Waltham Abbey 51.681671, 0.000648 for a free stop-over.
Note: I always feel the most vulnerable when parked up in or near built up areas in the UK, Having read loads of MoHo travel blogs, the only time (not totally true, but to generalise) anybody gets any trouble, is in the UK. I don’t know if it’s jealousy or nimbyism, it is possible travel around Europe for years without any hassle, but as soon as they get back into the UK, there’s usually an incident of either vandalism, theft or just plain bloodymindedness by a member of the nosey squad. What is it with ‘us Brits’?
Tue.8/9/15. I needn’t have worried (as usual), the night passed peacefully. All set up for the slog down to Wereham, Dorset.
We arrived around 4pm, to a top class campsite Longthorns Farm (which adjoins the car park to Monkey World) we found we were surrounded by…ALPACA ! Looking like something in between a Sheep & a Lama, this Alpaca beastie looks quite cute. They didn’t make too much noise, so were perfect partners for campers.

Its hard work this 'Alpaca watching!'

Its hard work this ‘Alpaca watching!’

Wed. 8/9/15 Monkey world, This lot do a cracking job of rescuing Apes & Monkey’s all over the world. I caught bits of the TV series a few years ago year, but this trip was mostly a personal one for Angie, those that know her, will know why. Just one major point to stress, please try to avoid all products which contain Palm oil. Huge areas of forest are felled & burnt for this plant, driving the wildlife into what has become 25% of that 10 years ago. The next 5 years look very dark for Borneo & Sumatra.

2 Apes, 1 Angel

2 Apes, 1 Angel

The park prices were reasonable, the sun shone the Monkeys appeared… went the day well. Tick.

Clinging on to existance?

Clinging on to existence?

A drive over to Ashford, Kent & a bit of shopping filled Thursday. Pubstop at The Plough Inn & another ‘last supper’, washed down with a couple of pints of Shepherd Neme’s ‘late red’ & it was soon morning of ‘GO DAY’.





Fast, smooth, relaxing, stressless & punctual, all describe using the Chunnel. We were soon zooming along the ‘billiard table smooth’ French motorways. If you’ve ever been on French roads, one thing you will ask yourself is: what on earth are the UK Government spending our ‘road tax’ on?.

Time to pull out the POI toolbox, first up the MoHo Guide CAMPERSTOP EUROPE book & pick a dot. Ault: 50.10333, 1.45083 advertised as having water & Chem disposal, neither available, we were OK for water but need the spare Thetford cassette, good tip, carry a spare cassette. An evening walk up & down the beach front to end the day & contemplate the future. Rain is forecast all weekend for most of France, maybe a time to plod on South. So here we are after 5 hours driving yesterday, on route to Vanne. It’s a start, but I’m a little worried about the weather forecast.

I will add more links & photos at a later date, the WiFi here is pants & I’m too tight to get the card out. 🙂 Have a good week @ work y’all. X

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