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World Rally Championship – Salou, Catalunya, Espana 2015.

Asco n41.18647 e0.56827 Free Aire.

Of coarse the real reason were here on this side of Spain, is for Spanish leg of the World Rally Championship held in and around Salou, so we headed for stage 2, the gravel.
Thursday, we arrived on a free aire in Asco, up in the hills, I had a scout round on Frankie to find the stage (Mora de Ebra) and we were all clued-up for day one.
Up early Friday & a chilly thrap into the hills and a walk to find a good spot. The sun came out and we had a great day watching both legs of the ‘Mora’ stage, something I’ve wanted to do for such a long time, but can not justify paying over £100 to the Welsh organisers, (warning…here comes a rant!) to stand in a field all day in the fog/rain/wind & cold when 90% of the other rallys around the world are free, totally free!!… £100 each!…Come on Taffs, sort it out! Someone’s got a nice big house ‘av’nt they??!! Well you’er not ‘avin any of my money, I’ll watch it on the telly… boy’o! Rant over.
The cars kick up so much dust, many ‘wise’ spectators had dust masks & umbrellas, but not us, ho no! Covered we were, every time a car went by a cloud of dust plumed up & blew our way. I didn’t mind, it all shook off on the ride back to the Aire on Frankie. Top day.

Wrc dust

Wrc dust

There go the Brits ...come on Evans, is't he Welsh?

There go the Brits …come on Evans, hang on…is’t he Welsh?

There's Angie, watching from the other bank (2nd run)

There’s Angie, watching from the other bank (2nd run)


Day two (Sat) drive down to Salou, found a nice little side road to park up, just 1km south of the town, wild & free! Cycled into Salou, found a good veiwing spot on a corner & enjoyed the next hour of the WRC cars screeching & popping around the track. A free stop-over, a Guinness, a Chip butty & a Rally stage, top day!!! Angie said she rally enjoyed it too (groan) & bought me a new T-Shirt. Going to cycle in again on Sunday to see the presenations, may have another chip
butty… then that’s the end of the (ahem) plan.

Salou was closed to traffic.

Salou was closed to traffic. Note, palm trees!

Finally…it’s been nearly 2 months since I’ve seen a chip & I do love a proper chip, not those ‘fries’ things. It seems the French & Spanish just don’t do ’em. But the Paddys do!!!, find an Irish bar & you’ll find every possibility of how to cook a potato on the menu, Iv’e had three types of spud in one meal befrore! So in Salou, just south of Terragona, there just HAD to be an Irish bar with chips & Guinness … Bingo! …or should I say, slauncher!

Chips & Guinness, Iv'e been waiting for this!

Chips & Guinness, Iv’e been waiting for this!

Paddys on a hill

Paddys on a hill

Early! Tie Frankie to a tree.

Early! Tie Frankie to a tree.

Beer in Lidl 55c per 500ml!

You can get Beer in Lidl for 38 cents per 500ml! But I prefer the 55c option….Class!

Best ge stocked up!

Best get stocked up! Just noticed me in the left mirror.

Have a good week. Wayne.