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Almeria & west…who ordered rain?

Birds of a feather…
Charlie’s in a free car park just south of Almeria, Andalusia, (n3681414 w2.42481). Angie spotted two other MoHos parked up, from the road, so joined them & tried to look as inconspicuous as we could. Another free night. I’m just watching the sun coming up over the sea & lighting up the mountains behind the town.

Sunrise over Almeria

Sunrise over Almeria


The locals have seen it all before, a hundred times, a thousand times? Some are jogging, others zoom off to work down the road we turned in off. It’s only 10 degrees out there & it’s not what we’re used to but its been hot and dry, the evidence is there, burnt soil, no grass & dead palm trees. When the money dried up some of the irrigation was turned off, acres of unused scrubland, dry, barren & useless to humans. This side of the Gador mountain range they have very little rain Almeria is officially classed as ‘desert’ with an average of less than 240 mm of rain per year. But it’s not all negative, areas around here have been used in westerns, it’s easy to see why, the hills to the north of the town resemble what I imagine Mexico to look like.  One tourism site claimed that Walt Disney was born here, the web claims it was Chicago and Almerians have a longer life span than many other areas of Spain. The coastline has had millions spent on it, sea defenses & landscaping, transforming it into a beautiful avenue to walk, cycle, jog or picnic. Yesterday, we came from Los Escullos, through the ‘Cabo de Gata-Nija National Park’ wich is virtually all mountains and were amazed at the scenery. The roads were up & down as much as 10% at times, we’ve not been on roads like that since the Pyrenees. Charlies brakes were hot & the MPG was terrible, but what a feast for the eyes! Here’s a 1 minute clip taken from our route recorder.

Except for within the national park, most of the other ‘flat’ land is covered in green house type structures made of scaffolding poles & polythne sheeting, it almost looks temporary, but it’s been here for years, miles & square miles of it. Most of the contents look to be tomatoes, canning factories every so often advertising the brand, but most of the other ‘succulent’ type crops are also grown, short stubby (bitter) cucumber, melon, squash & the like. There’s so much polyethylene sheeting I reckon you could see it from the moon.

Looks like lakes in the distance, but its Polythene

Looks like lakes in the distance, but its Polythene

Thick black rain clouds again started rolling in off the land, so it was decision time, do we hang around another day, (today is Monday, everything is shut) or do we pootle on south? It’s hard sometimes! Having got caught up in the traffic (by crap-nav [shat-nav’s been taken]) in the centre of Almeria & seen how busy it was, we decide to skip Almeria altogether & “get out’a town”. We attempt to take the coast road but find one of the tunnels closed, just closed! we assume a collapse of the structure & head for the A7 motorway. This part of the motorway’s not too bad on the boredom meter, with bridges on stilts at over 300m high & terrific mountainous scenery.

Charlie's about to get wet

Charlie’s about to get wet

Official MoHo stops down here in southern Spain are very thin on the ground, the nearest one going west from here, Almerimar is 152 km, then to find it’s aMoHo Dealers car park & he want’s to charge you €10 for 10m2 of tarmac, EHU is €3 extra please! Pfff!

Mini sand storm

Mini sand storm, see the palms bending?






Every one elses house is white...he's got balls!

Every one elses house is white…he’s got balls!

Found Jesus!

We found a Jesus!

Fed up of seeing this sign

Fed up of seeing this sign

And finally…

If you own a copy of ‘Motorhome Guide CAMPERSTOP EUROPE 2015, please note: in the Spanish section there are two Aires which don’t exist anymore, La Isleta (n36.81670 w2.05146) big sins No Camping Cars! and San Juan de Terreros (n37.35083 w1.167972) also, no longer allowed on the beach. The error may/may not be replicated in the 2016 edition also.

Just loved this bit of Graffiti

Just loved this bit of Graffiti, Paper scissors?

Have a good week, Wayne.