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Itchy feet…More musings.

I’m going to have to stop reading other people’s travel blogs, the envy is getting me down, it’s not their fault, I know, but all the same, it’s almost painful. At the moment I read just 3 (live) travel blogs, all top quality. Our Bumble Craig, Joanne and 2 dogs- “Mac ‘n Tosh”, in their Hymer B590 aka’ “Vin Diesel”, currently in Denmark with the philosophy of ‘Life’s too short, get on with doing what you want to do’. Next- Eurotouring a couple of (smart) twenty-somethings who realised that once their careers kicked in, spare time would be a luxury, so decided to take a little travel gap, currently in northern Spain, traveling on a budget, well worth a read. Lastly, if I can have an overall favourite, it would have to be OurTour , property of Jason & Julie (and pooch Charlie) a monster of a blog by any bloggers standard. Every conceivable  relevant (and some irrelevant) topic covered, heaps of detail in every post and always a pleasure to read. Currently moving north through Slovenia toward the Baltics. If you wanted to learn how to live in a Motorhome, happily and sustainably, moving along and enjoying life, it’s a must read! I will keep up with my fave 3, I would have trouble sleeping if I didn’t know what was going on. Just a note on ‘Parked Blogs’, others I’ve enjoyed, tops is The world is our Lobster such entertaining reading from Catherine & Chris, last post Fri 26/2012, (I was in tears whilst reading it). Another good read that’s currently ‘parked-up’ Europe by Camper Adam & Sophie’s travels across Europe. Also stuffed with guides, tips and tricks to aid the Motorhoming traveller. All of the above put time, money and quite a bit of their soul into blogging, in some small part it may be ‘self-gratifying’  (I don’t actually agree that “there’s no such thing as an un-selfish act”), but mostly it’s put onto the web to help others to do a similar thing, to help & inspire others along a similar route and I (for one) am eternally grateful to all of the people involved in sharing the knowledge.IMG_1310

Anyway, all this talk of travelling doesn’t help my itchy feet. It’s Friday evening, the weekend is upon us, the weather forecast is good-to-great & I’ve booked us into a little spot in Hoveton/Wroxham. Boats, walks, Shops, pubs, chippy’s & tourists. Sounds like a good weekend. If you are getting away in the nice weather, while it lasts, hope you enjoy yours.

It feels like 52 weeks!

It feels like 52 weeks!

Wayne X