Chilling out in Mogador, Essaouira, Morocco.

After all the hustle and bustle of Marrakech, it was about time we had a few days chilling, with heaps less audio and visual input, so we’ve headed over to Essaouira, a chilled out little fishing port with a long windy beach (most of the time). Unlike inland towns where you’ve to keep an eye on the dress-code, especial for ladies, here at ‘laid-back-Essaouira’ just about all European dress-code standards are OK. Locals and tourists alike wear short sleeved shirts, shorts and just about anything goes on the beach. It has a ‘holiday resort’ feel to the place and you’ll not get judged by what you wear, unless it’s not in fashion of course, so that’s my whole wardrobe burnt!

That’s a unique screen-shot.

Camels prowl the car park in search of a paying victim.

We were here two years ago, there were less than half as many camels on the beach, not too many horses and ponies either, but now, they’ve multiplied, it’s just not possible to walk along the beach area without being approached by ‘you-want-camel ride’ salesmen. The place seems to be doing well, there’s loads of work going on, sprucing up the sea-bastions and battlement walls. There’s 150+ French MoHo’s in the ‘designated’ CP, the restaurants are ticking over, the inner medina is still trading nicely, let’s hope the newly erected hotels don’t spoil the ‘smallness’ of the place too much.

Can’t beat the forecast

Amazingly for this reputable windy little town, the wind dropped, so we spent a very pleasant day strolling around the town, along the harbor walls and weaving around the medina. There’s no ‘looky-looky men’ here, no patter, no irritating, monotonous, predictive spiel. It’s a great place to chill out and relax, just strolling through town, we could be almost invisible…which is very strange for Morocco. This little town brings in the fish, most of it is packed in ice and goes directly to Casablanca, what’s left is peddled on the back streets of the local medina, some of it’s so fresh it’s still twitching. The other ‘sales outlets’ trade in local crafts and hand made stuff too, surf shops, hand made wooden trinkets, jewelry and metalwork all go to make up a very pleasant little town. Thankfully (do I mean that) there’s no Irish bar yet, but it may not be long before one appears.

Camel ride sir?

I’ve no idea how it happend, but I’ve lost all the pictures I took with ‘the big camera’ that afternoon. Thankfully Angie took loads of pictures on her phone camera and we asked a couple of passers-by to snap us too, so we’ve got enough to remember the day.

The Battlements at Essousira

Sleeping spots:-
Essouira just behind the beach parking. (can be windy and sand-blown. n31.4950 w9.76410 60Dh/24 hours. Black & Gray waste. No water or WiFi. Quiet until about 06:00am. Great for a stroll into town. Loads of other vans here too.

A short post I know, we are going to push on south now, itching to turn east and into what we call ‘real Morocco’ inland, away from the coast and into towns like Tata and Zagora. Dry, hot towns await, just hope the beer holds out.
Have a great week, kindest…Wayne.

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