This is us…

Just thought we would add a few details here for those of you who don’t know us too well.


We are Wayne & Angie from Norwich, Norfolk GB. ,originally from South Yorkshire (we moved in 2000).

In the dunes at Erg Chebi

In the dunes at Erg Chebi

So far, life’s been pretty good, we’ve been an item for about a millennia & have 2 great offspring, one of each veriety. Both of which are about to, or in the process of leaving the home nest & good luck to them both!!

We, on the other hand, have almost become redundant, 20+ years of parenting, 30+ years of work-eat-sleep, gotta keep this guinea pig wheel going round & round mentality…. ………… ENOUGH!!!

We had a few holidays in France over the past 5 years, mainly in Brittany in a tourer caravan (thanks Mum & Dad) & we noticed how many motor homes there were & how well they are catered for. A bit more research, a few “how we survive Eurpoe” and “full timing on 4 wheels” blogs & we were sold on the idea that this would be possible, not forever, but just for a few years, our last life changing adventure before we are bundled off into a care-home where we sit staring out of a window & the best thing that happens all day is the postman goes by every day at the same time +/- 10 mins. Can’t wait!

So what are we waiting for? An invite?

But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, let’s say we gonna give it a go for 12 months & see what we want to do from there onwards.

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14 thoughts on “This is us…

  1. Martin Dumont

    Look forward to reading your blog. Kay and I are planning to do the same in a couple of years or maybe 5, depends on the stock market. Would leave tomorrow if the funds were there. We went to this years Motorhome show in Birmingham to see what van to get 2nd hand when required. Adria Coral plus 690 seemed to fit the bill and price. We’ll see in the future.
    Good luck and have fun.

  2. Lyssa Gransby

    Love the simple, clean layout of your blog Wayne. Looking forward to keeping tabs on how things are going. Nice to see what you look like!
    Have signed up! I am rather behind on my blogging so hope to catch up soon.

  3. John & sheila

    well I never. Not many people have the guts to do it and then when they do its to late. I hope you will like it as much as we like traveling.
    John & sheila

  4. Wayne Post author

    Hey, its our gypsy rellies from down-under, word does get around fast. Smile Nice of you to pop in.

    Hope you guys are enjoying your trip, great photo’s, love the silhouette shot on the bridge.We will see you in July, just not too sure what’s happening at the moment. The sand is beginning to shift beneath our feet & it feels GREAT!

    Take care out there, Wayne.

  5. Ben Crane

    Wow! what an exciting adventure, go for it, looking forward to reading your blogs along the way x x x

  6. ruthie doofie

    Can’t wait to keep tabs on you both love you both so much xxx

  7. Wayne Post author

    Hey peeps, sorry I’ve been a while getting back to you on this, I’d lost comments options at one point, the little wordpress ‘undo’ fairies had been in the back room, but I have now managed to shoot one of the little F**##**rs… so all’s well.
    Nice to see you both found us, thanks for the kind comments, please stay tooned by clicking the ‘Subscribe’ button,…
    (as soon as I’ve found the other fairy that’s nicked it, I will put it back) 🙂

  8. Rachel Elliott

    How Excitement…. Love the name of your new addition to the family by the way.. Ofcourse it suits.. Good ti see you choosing to enjoy life while you have it!! We are planning on visiting next yr. Hopefully your in between trips… Have Fun and will be waiting for pics, Rach and Baz X

    1. Wayne Post author

      Thanks Rach, It would be lovely to see you again too, + 2? We plan on returning in August 2016, if we ever get away. The property chain is holding us up at the moment so we must just bide our time atmo. Hope you hit the ‘subscribe’ button? Take care.
      Wayne & Angie.

  9. Rick

    Looking forward to the weekend for a bit of fun at Beeston Regis before we go our separate ways boo hoo!

  10. Wayne Post author

    Us too Rick, just warming up the liver now! Staying in a lay-by in sleaford tonight, see you soon. Hope this rain eases up a bit.

  11. Ian

    Hi Wayne & Angie,
    Late to the party but we have come across your blog after introducing yourself to us. We have just finished the NC 500 and if you are planning it I don’t think you’ll be disappointed – maybe there will be more people on the road when you do it. The great thing for us is we are only just embarking on our semi-retirement (can’t let go) but Janette did say this morning that if this is what retirement is all about I want more of it! Bring it on I say.
    Wishing you happy travels – I’ll keep looking in to see what you are up to as we intend to do a foray into France later this year.
    I’ll try and sort that ‘follow’ button out when I get back – on our way home now.

  12. Wayne Post author

    Hi Ian, welcome and thanks for your comments. Really looking forward to the NC500 now, miges ‘anall. We seem to be blighted by heaps of bad weather from time to time, so we just hope it will stay reasonable.
    Enjoying your blog, keep up the good work.
    Kindest Wayne.

  13. Rowena Simpson

    Hi Just found your blog through a listing on Our Bumble blog. Looking forward to following you. Our trips are getting longer & the balance of home and away is shifting, spurred on by inspiring blogs like yours! 🙂
    I’d like to hit the follow button but can’t find it at the mo!


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